Borosilicate glasses are very chemical and temperature resistant glasses, which are mainly used in laboratories, chemical process engineering and in households. The temperature resistance and insensitivity to sudden temperature changes of borosilicate glasses are based on the low coefficient of thermal expansion of borosilicate.

The glasses consist of 4 to 8 % alkali metal oxides (sodium oxide Na2O, potassium oxide K2O), 2 to 7 % aluminum oxide (Al2O3), up to 5 % alkaline earth metal oxides, 70 to 80 % silicon dioxide (SiO2) and 7 to 13 % boron oxide (B2O3).

Special designs

In our workshop the following special borosilicate glass products can be worked:

  • Modified standard parts and apparatus
  • New developments e.g. flat-head glass discharge tubes for better turning of the ground joint
  • Special coolers with specific outlets
  • High-performance double-jacket intensive cooler
  • Special electrodes: copper, platinum and alloyed steel
  • High vacuum cocks with ventilation
  • Borazine synthesis apparatus
  • Temperature controlled dropping funnels
  • Chlor-alkali electrolysis apparatus
  • Double-walled electrochemical cells from DN 60 upwards
  • GC glass columns
  • Metal magnetic floats for level measurements
  • Frit melting up to Ø 100 mm
  • Special circulation distills
  • Special bomb tubes
  • Glass-glass connection with intermediate glasses
  • Glass-metal melting
  • Falling film apparatus
  • Horsetails
  • vacuum systems- pumping stations
  • chemical process systems
  • viscometer repairs
  • NMR purge machines
  • thermocouples glass/metal e.g. platinum/rhodium
  • water monitors
  • Repair of platinum electrodes
  • Temperature sensors made of special glass with platinum thermocouples
  • Lead glass repairs in glass apparatus engineering
  • Glass melting of special metals e.g. Vacon 10® (KOVAR®, Pernifer 2918®)
  • Processing of special melting glasses e.g. 7510, 8245, 8250, 8230, 8243, 2877 (G20), 8448, 8449
  • Mini-Plant
  • Platinum welding
  • Special short-path droplet catcher
  • Salt bridges
  • Mercury or oil diffusion pumps
  • various glass coatings