Thematic complexes

In our student laboratory at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at Clausthal University of Technology, we offer interested student groups and their teachers the opportunity to get to know organic chemistry from its experimental side. This includes the possibility to investigate the previously synthesized compounds spectroscopically (NMR, UV/Vis, IR) and spectrometrically (MS).


Of course, you also have the opportunity to get a taste of the current research areas of our working groups, attend lectures of the current semesters, use our teaching equipment including the library and enjoy the flair of a small but fine university in the middle of the Harz Mountains.

On the one hand, we have based the compilation of possible topics on curricula in chemistry and biology of schools in the state of Lower Saxony. On the other hand, our aim is to attract students to chemistry, to stimulate critical and scientific thinking, to present current and real-life topics in organic chemistry, to experimentally question what they have learned in theory, and in the process to awaken a sense of fun in the science of chemistry.


Together, we can create individual programs from these topic complexes, which are to be understood as a first suggestion. Optionally, groups can be supervised only in a morning or afternoon, all day or in the form of larger projects or workshops by the day.